2014 HostGator Discount Code List

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Use Hostgator Discount Coupons to Make Web Hosting Cost Effective

Web-hosting companies have multiplied in recent years as the demand for websites has increased. This has made web hosting one of the most competitive businesses online at the moment, and in an effort to attract customers, many web-hosting companies offer incredibly cheap deals. While this may look good on the surface, in reality many of these cheap web-hosting companies are simply reselling their hosting and it comes with a limited amount of service. Hostgator.com has the best prices on web hosting that is fully featured, and comes with complete, around the clock service from Hostgator’s dedicated technical staff. The cost of web hosting on Hostgator can be further cut by taking advantage of one of the Hostgator discount coupons.  You can find coupons on several web hosting coupon sites.

Hostgator.com was established in Houston, Texas, in 2002 and rapidly became a world leader in web-hosting services. Offering all levels of web hosting from basic hosting for everyday users to dedicated server hosting, and employing its user-friendly cPanel hosting, Hostgator.com provides service that is suited to all levels of Internet usage. Hostgator.com’s web hosting plans start from only $3.96 per month for a single domain account, and by using a Hostgator discount code, it is possible to reduce the cost of a website start-up even further. This makes it possible to have a website online for less than $50 per year, and because every account comes with a full suite of website building tools, users can easily create their own websites for free. It is also possible to access 75 open source scripts, and it is easy to create a WordPress or Joomla site for a blog or even to use Magento hosting to build your own online store by using cPanel.

Apart from the potential savings that are possible by using Hostgator’s discount coupons, their web-hosting service offers even more great value with each hosted account, including $100 in Google Adwords credit, and comes with a suite of website submission and SEO tools to help you to promote the site once it is online. Accounts also come with unlimited storage space, MySQL databases and as many POP3 e-mail accounts as you want to create.

For commercial users, Hostgator’s reselling accounts start at $24.95 per month with the first month, which can be discounted to $19.96 for 50GB of space with 500 GB of bandwidth. This means that resellers can be confident that they can deliver a high quality Internet service to their customers with all of the free services, like cPanel and website building services, that Hostgator offers in its own hosting deals. In addition, resellers are also given a free billing system and all of the other tools that they need to start their own web-hosting service for their own clients.

The next step up from a standard shared hosting package is Hostgator.com’s Virtual Private Server (VPS), which gives users access to a wider range of online options with the ability to install and customize their own applications, as if they were using their own dedicated server at a reduced cost. This option makes it possible for users to customize their web hosting account to suit their needs and to scale it up to meet their changing needs as their website grows. It also has the advantage of using cPanel to keep the administration of clients’ websites as simple and familiar as possible. There are regular deals available for VPS accounts, and using one of Hostgator’s discount coupons can significantly reduce the cost of setting up a virtual private server for your business.

Hostgator.com’s top of the line web-hosting package is their dedicated server hosting, which comes in a range of four levels of service starting at $174 per month for their basic dedicated server. This includes an Intel Quad core chip and 3GB of DDR memory, as well as two 250GB hard drives and everything that users need to build their corporate websites. Dedicated servers from Hostgator come with five dedicated IPs and free management services valued at over $100. With an initial discount of $100 for the first month’s service, Hostgator.com’s dedicated server hosting is a cost-effective way for businesses to have their own secure portion of the Internet without having to spend money on expensive hardware.


To take advantage of Hostgator discounts, click on the coupons link in the footer of their website. That takes you to the Hostgator discount coupon page. This will display the latest Hostgator discount codes, which you can use when you are on their checkout page. It is also possible to click straight through from this page to the service that you want to purchase, and the coupon will be applied automatically when you make your payment. Taking advantage of the current 20% discount on all of Hostgator’s hosting services can save on your web hosting costs for the next three years, minimizing the expense of setting up and running your company website for the initial establishment period and beyond.

For new customers, Hostgator offers a website relocation service to take the hassle out of moving to a new web-hosting company, and to give you the assurance that your website won’t lose its place in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Hostgator.com will handle all of the transfers necessary to make moving your website a seamless operation. This includes the domain, files, databases and scripts. Hostgator.com also offers customers the assurance of a 99% uptime and a 45-day money-back guarantee backed by the owner of the business. With the discounts that Hostgator makes available to its customers it is among the least expensive web-hosting services out there, without sacrificing the features and the service that you need to create and maintain a working website. The user-friendly cPanel dashboard and the web design tools that come with every Hostgator web hosting account, along with the complete range of service available and the wide price range of the web-hosting packages, make it so Hostgator.com offers the most cost-effective web-hosting service available.